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automatic aluminum nespresso capsule coffee filling and sealing machine


The shanghai joygoal automatic aluminum nespresso capsule coffee filling and sealing machine uses a servo screw for feeding. The servo motor can control the speed and the position accuracy is very accurate. The voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the control object.
The fill and seal coffee pods machine adopts Siemens display screen, integrated touch control, and convenient operation.
Filling and sealing machine coffee In the process of filling and sealing coffee capsules, cupless detection and no film detection are used respectively. The humanized design of cupless detection avoids leakage in the process of filling coffee powder. This phenomenon improves the operating efficiency of the whole machine; the same is true for filmless detection, which mainly detects whether there is a film on the coffee capsule cup, and if there is no film, it will not be sealed.
The filling and sealing machine capsules coffee is manufactured by shanghai joygoal food machinery co., ltd., with ex-factory price and high cost performance.

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