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automatic rotary zipper pyramid tea coffee mesh bag packing machine


pouch packaging machine automatic combines with domestic and foreign advancedpackaging structural features and fully automated control system with the industry, it is a new generation of high-tech products. zipper pouch packaging machine is widely used in food, agriculture, medicine, and other industries.
milk pouch packaging machine of function and characteristics
easy to operate,packaging pouch machine adopt advanced PlC from Germany Simens,mate with touch and electric control system,the man-machine interface is friendly.Frequency conversion adjusts the speed;Automatic checking;Safety device;The width of the bags could be adjusted by electrical motor;It maches with the glass safety door;Use the plastic bearing;don'tneed put on oil,less pollution;Use no oil vacuum pump;avoid polluting the environment in the production; The packing materials loss low; Product or premade pouch packaging machine contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials which accord with the food haygienic requirements,guarantee hygiene and security of the food;With different feeders changed to pack solid,liquid,thick liquid,power and so on;pouch packaging machine snack food suits in extensive range,suit for compound,monolayer PE,PP and so on preformed bag made by film and paper.

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