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The development trend of packaging materials and bags

The finished products of plastic flexible packaging materials usually come in two forms: rolls and bags. After packaging the contents, except for the twisted film and stretched film, which take the shape of the packaged object after use, most of the rolls are finally presented in the form of a bag. Bag making ensures the diversification of flexible packaging materials, plays an important role in expanding the use of flexible packaging materials, and also injects strong impetus into the sustainable development of flexible packaging products.

The current plastic packaging composite film is still dominated by plastic, aluminum, and paper, combining different printing and composite processes to process packaging materials with different properties and appearances. The application of these materials to packaging bags also promotes the diversity of packaging bags.

1. The development trend of packaging bags

1. According to the content requirements, the packaging bag must meet the needs in terms of functions, such as airtightness, barrier properties, firmness, retort properties, freezing properties, etc. New materials can play an important role in this regard.

2. Highlight the novelty and increase the attractiveness and attention of the product. It can reflect the uniqueness no matter from the bag type, the printing design or the bag accessories (loops, hooks, zippers, etc.).

3. Outstanding convenience, wide range of packaging applications, and adaptable to the diversified packaging requirements of commodities. For example, stand-up bags can be packaged from liquid, solid, semi-solid and even gaseous products, and have a wide range of applications; eight-side sealed bags, all dry solid items including food, fruits, seeds, etc. can be used.

4. Try to integrate the advantages of each bag shape as much as possible, and maximize the advantages of the bag. For example, the design of the vertical special-shaped oblique mouth connecting bag can integrate the advantages of each bag shape such as upright, special-shaped, oblique mouth, and connecting bag.

5. Cost-saving, environmentally friendly, and conducive to saving resources, this is the principle that any packaging material will follow, and meeting these requirements is bound to be the development trend of packaging bags.

6. New packaging materials will affect packaging bags. It only uses roll film instead of the shape of a bag. It fits closely with the contents to present the shape of the product. For example, stretch film is used to package snack foods such as ham, bean curd, sausage, etc. This type of packaging is not strictly a bag. form.

Second, the expansion method of the packaging bag function

1. Welding nozzle

Spout bags are already a very common product. With the addition of nozzles in various bag types, they can be opened and closed as freely as bottles, which increases the convenience of the bag. By changing the shape of the suction nozzle and the lid, a variety of bag styles can be extended.

2. Add vent valve and open faucet

In order to ensure the exhaust of the contents, a single vent valve is added to the bag to allow the gas inside to escape while avoiding the entry of external gas. Adding a plastic faucet to the plastic bag can discharge the liquid in a controlled manner, giving the bag the function of a bucket or can.

3. Put in the support tray or paper box

The bag-in-box mentioned above means that after the bag is made, the folded carton is manually put into it, and then positioned and heat-sealed to fix the position of the carton in the bag to achieve the perfect combination of the bag and the carton.

4. Post anti-counterfeiting labels (automatic and manual)

For example, attaching a laser anti-counterfeiting label to the surface of the bag, or automatically attaching an anti-counterfeiting label to a single-layer film, and then compounding the anti-counterfeiting label in the middle of the two films. Labeling is an extension of the anti-counterfeiting function of the bag.

5. Easy to tear

Make easy tear lines, easy tears, jagged edges, etc. on the bag. In order to facilitate the use and opening of the bag, various shapes of easy tear processing are made. The easy tear processing basically realizes online automation, which greatly enhances the convenience of using the bag.

6. Increase hanging holes

Add hanging holes of different shapes (round holes, plane holes, oval holes), in order to facilitate hanging, save space, and maintain a good display effect, most bags that cannot stand will add hanging holes, and the shape of the hanging holes can also highlight the bag Some of the features.

7. Die cutting

Die cutting is an indispensable process for making special-shaped bags. On-line or offline die-cutting can realize the processing of various bag shapes. Special-shaped bags not only highlight the highlights of the bag shape, but also add some unique practical functions, such as Easy to open, easy to hold, easy to display, etc.

8. Self-styled

With self-sealing stickers, bags that do not have strict requirements on tightness can be added with self-sealing stickers. After the contents are packaged, they can be sealed by themselves, which is very easy to operate.

9. Add rings and buckles

To facilitate carrying, punch a hole on the heat-sealed side of the bag, and then add plastic or metal rings and buckles through this hole to make the bag easy to hang and avoid collisions, squeezing, etc.

10. Punch portable holes and add portable buckles

The light-packed bag is easy to carry, and the carrying hole is usually punched. Heavy packaging of the bag, in order to prevent the hand from breaking, and not to make the fingers hurt when handing it, add plastic hand buckles after making the bag. For example, many rice bags and flour bags have plastic hand buckles.

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