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What are the advantages of self-supporting zipper bags?

Many food packaging bags now choose to use self-supporting zipper packaging bags. Compared with ordinary three-side sealing plastic packaging bags, what are the advantages of self-supporting zipper packaging bags?

1. The stand up pouch bags can be placed on the shelf to improve the appearance. Now that the supermarket shelves are expensive, how to display their products more quickly and comprehensively on the crowded shelves, in addition to the need to invest more in the design of the outer packaging of the products, the advantages of using self-supporting zipper packaging bags are very obvious. The self-supporting zipper bag packaging can stand on the shelf, and most of the appearance of the entire product is more intuitively displayed in front of consumers, effectively improving the desire to buy.

Nut self-supporting zipper bag
Second, the self-supporting zipper packaging bag occupies a smaller area. The same shelf, the self-supporting bag can be placed more and more neatly. Since there is no pressing and placing, it is more convenient for consumers to take it.

3. Self-supporting zipper bags can be reused. Once the ordinary plastic packaging bag is opened, it cannot be sealed again, and the items in the packaging bag will lose the airtightness. The self-standing zipper packaging bag with zipper bag solves this problem, and consumers can easily seal the goods again, which is convenient for consumers to store the goods.

Dry seasoning self-supporting frosted zipper bag
For some commodities that need to be kept sealed at all times, the use of waterproof zipper bag is almost a must. For example, dried agricultural products such as dried fungus, dried shiitake mushrooms, and dried peppers will be damaged once they are damp. There are also nut foods, biscuits and other commodities, which also need to be sealed and stored in time to ensure that the crispy taste is not affected.

Fourth, the self-supporting tea bag packaging has beautiful printing and crisp bag shape.

It should be reminded that when customizing a self-supporting zipper packaging bag, the most important thing to focus on is the quality of the zipper bag. If the quality of the zipper cannot be guaranteed, it may affect the secondary sealing, and the significance of using the self-supporting zipper packaging bag will be lost. .

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