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What is the mechanical principle of the stand-up pouch capping filling machine?

stand up pouch filling machine has a wide range of applications in the fields of food, beverage, medicine and other daily use. The filled bags can be placed standing up to get rid of the disadvantages of traditional bagged liquids that are inconvenient to place, which greatly facilitates the use of consumers, and has a higher and higher market share. As a stand-up pouch product,spout bag filling machine has also gone through a process from semi-automatic to automatic. Looking at the principles and trends of today's spout pouch beverage bag liquid filling machine, the continuous upgrading of automation is the development direction of aluminium spout filling machine.

autoamtic spout pouch filling machine mainly consists of the following parts:

1. Bag feeding mechanism
The mechanism is the station where the stand-up bag is automatically hung on the turntable. The more advanced use of the German rodless bag feeding mechanism can greatly ensure the stability of the mechanism.

2. Filling mechanism
When the bag is hung at the station, the filling mechanism is responsible for filling the material into the bag. Due to different material properties, an appropriate filling mechanism needs to be equipped. There are suitable paste materials and fluid materials, and you need to choose a plunger pump or a peristaltic pump according to your needs. Some filling and filling mechanisms can also perform the action of filling nitrogen or other stable gases; in addition, the filling and filling mechanism can also be connected with a metering mechanism. The function of the metering mechanism is to accurately measure the volume of the filled material, and there are also special ones. Materials such as beer may also need to be equipped with a defoaming mechanism.

3. Lifting cover to cover mechanism
The cover is lifted by the mechanism smoothly and then hung to the mouth of the suction nozzle bag through the guide cover mechanism.

4. Capping mechanism
Tighten the cap attached with the spout.

5. Unloading mechanism
The unloading mechanism is relatively simple. It can be passive unloading (driven by the rotation of the disc), or it can be actively unloaded by adding a cylinder.

Overall structure:

spout pouch bag filling machine adopts the structure of the combination of the inner turntable and the main frame. The inner turntable is rotatably installed in the center of the main frame, and the edge of the inner turntable is evenly provided with a plurality of bag hanging forks. The mouth is U-shaped; in addition, the measuring mechanism, filling and filling mechanism, and capping mechanism of the spout pouch filling and capping machine are fixedly installed on the main frame, and the bag feeding mechanism and the bag unloading mechanism are also fixedly installed on the frame.

When the filling and filling mechanism performs the filling process, the inner turntable is stationary at this time. When the inner turntable rotates again, the filling mechanism stops filling. It can be seen that the diameter of the turntable of bag filling machine with spout determines the number of filling heads at a time. For example, the diameter of the inner turntable is 1.2 Taking metal magazine filling bags with spout as an example, generally 4-5 sets of filling and filling mechanisms can be arranged, and its production speed is 5000-5500 bags/hour.

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