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Product Advantages of Filling and Sealing Machine

 Do you know what are the advantages of rotary pouch packing machine ? Look down:

1, the operation is intuitive and convenient, no bottles, no filling, accurate measurement.

2. The pouch pack machinery rotary consists of an imported programmable controller and a servo motor with a large display touch screen to form the drive control core.

3, the use of atmospheric injection pump 2 head filling, electromagnetic vibration automatic cover, three-knife centrifugal cover (or screw cap).

4. The whole packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing and finished product conveying can be completed by matching with the metering device.

5. The perfect automatic alarm protection function of the automatic rotary pouch filling machine minimizes product loss and helps to troubleshoot in time.

6. The intelligent thermostat is adopted to ensure the beautiful and smooth sealing of the premade pouch rotary pack machine 7. Filling

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