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The counting machine adds energy to the balanced efficiency and quality of nuts

In recent years, with the continuous development of leisure food and the acceleration of the upgrading of consumption structure, the market scale of people's material needs has been expanding from food and clothing to leisure, health and nutrition. As a leisure, nutritious and healthy daily nut, it is more and more popular with people. Because daily nuts pay attention to healthy nutrition ratio, this brings development opportunities for the market of nut counting machine. The nut counting machine can not only improve the efficiency of nut nutrition ratio, but also ensure the accuracy and quality of the ratio, so that the nuts can eat more healthy and nutritious.

At present, China's consumption of leisure food ranks among the top in the world. With the vigorous development of offline and online channels, the leisure food industry has grown steadily. It is reported that this year's snack e-commerce scrambled for the Double 11, with a market size of about 2 trillion. Industry insiders said that the size of the snack market is expected to be close to 2 trillion yuan in 2020. Among them, under the condition of consumption upgrading and consumer demand for health, nutrition and personalization, the future market size of nuts and snacks should not be underestimated.

Due to the change of people's health concept, nut snack has a wide demand among the new generation of young consumers. At the same time, in the market where the industry homogeneity competition is becoming more and more serious, many enterprises have started the high-end strategic transformation. Among them, nuts and snacks are taken as the "starting point" of the transformation, breaking a path of rapid development. Among the nut snacks, daily nuts based on the concept of "reasonable proportion" from the dietary structure are favored by consumers.

A few days ago, the author bought a certain brand of daily nuts and learned that it is mainly made of a variety of nuts, nuts and dried nuts through reasonable matching. Generally, daily nuts contain walnut kernel, cashew kernel, almond kernel, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, etc., which not only have crisp and fragrant kernels, but also have sweet and sour taste. What is more important is that the nutrition ratio of nuts is balanced every day, and there will not be any fire due to inadvertently eating too many nuts. Previously, the author had a fire when eating cashew nuts too much.

It can be seen that although nuts are nutritious and healthy, they cannot be eaten more, or they need to be eaten with nutrition, and the balanced nutrition ratio of nuts every day just fits this point. So, how to achieve balanced nutrition ratio of daily nuts? Is it manual to mix all kinds of nuts and dried fruits?

With the disappearance of population dividend and the rising labor cost, it is impossible to improve efficiency, ensure the quality of nutrition matching and increase the cost of enterprises by relying solely on labor to achieve nutrition matching balance.

According to a manufacturer, the intelligent nut plastic cup counting machine was purchased due to the consideration of labor costs and the quality of nut nutrition. Compared with manual work, the intelligent tablet counting machine is obviously in a dominant position in terms of nut matching efficiency, matching accuracy, stability and quality. Workers only need to set the corresponding parameters in advance, that is, they can automatically and accurately distribute and control the proportion and weight of each bag of nuts and dried fruit, and ensure that each bag of nuts has balanced nutrition.

As a professional food, medicine and other packaging machinery and equipment, the comprehensive performance of the equipment has been significantly improved through the hard research and development of the industry, and the types of equipment are increasingly rich, including high-speed granulator, automatic granulator, fully automatic granulator, vibration granulator, etc., which can meet the production process needs of different users. In addition, the visual counting machine innovatively developed by an enterprise will break the technological monopoly of foreign countries, which will make the nut ratio more accurate, the switch between nuts and dried fruit more rapid, and the ratio efficiency to a higher level.

With the continuous increase of income level and consumption ability of Chinese residents, daily nuts based on healthy nutrition ratio are increasingly popular. To this end, many enterprises are also taking Daily Nuts as a breakthrough to meet the demand of consumption upgrading by turning to high-end strategy. Among them, the nut counting machine will also continue to play its role in ensuring the balanced nutrition ratio and quality of nuts, so that consumers can eat healthier and more nutritious

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