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non-woven tea bag packaging machine


The details that must be paid attention to in the filter paper tea sachet bag packing machine

Tea bag is a popular way to drink tea now. The tea or scented tea, according to a certain weight
Packed into bags, you can make one bag at a time, and it is also convenient to carry. Now the main packaging is tea bags
The packing materials include tea filter paper, nylon film and non-woven fabric. We use non-woven fabric to package tea
It can be called non-woven tea bag packaging machine or non-woven tea bag packing machine germany
When spinning tea bag packaging machine, some details must be paid attention to.
Packaging materials for tea bags
There are several kinds of packaging materials for tea, and non-woven fabrics are one of them. However, non-woven fabrics are also cold-sealed non-woven
Cloth and heat-sealed non-woven fabric. If you drink tea directly in hot water, you need to use cold-sealed nonwoven
Cloth. The cold-sealed non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly degradable material, while the heat-sealed non-woven fabric contains glue and is not suitable for foam
Drink tea. It is also worth noting that the cold-sealed non-woven fabric cannot be sealed by heating, so it needs to
Use ultrasonic to seal, and use different ultrasonic to weld and seal non-woven fabrics with different thickness,
The bag making can make the cold-sealed non-woven fabric flat and beautiful, realize the packaging automation, and at the same time, the packaging is exquisite
It is also higher.
Measuring and blanking method of tea
Tea usually has broken tea and relatively complete tea. According to different tea status, different measuring and blanking methods can be customized for users.
When the tea is broken, the method of measuring cup volume can be used to measure and cut the tea, because in the
After the broken tea enters the measuring cup, it needs to be scraped flat with a scraper to ensure the accuracy of the packaging weight
In the process of scraping, the tea will be scratched to a certain extent. This method is only suitable for broken tea, or
It is not afraid of material being scratched.
When the tea is relatively complete and the user does not want to damage the tea, it is necessary to use
Measure and feed the tea on the vibrating plate of the tea scale. After a slight shake, weigh the tea slowly,
There is no need for a scraper. Usually, this method is also suitable for the packaging of scented tea and health tea. Users can choose according to their needs
The number of customized electronic scales for tea, including four-head scales and six-head scales, can be used to package the same kind of tea,
Several kinds of scented tea can also be packaged into a bag according to the specific gravity. Under the measurement of tea scale
The material method can not only pack a variety of materials into a bag, but also has high accuracy of measurement
It is also easy to change the weight of the package. It can be operated directly on the touch screen, which is not available for the volumetric type of the measuring cup
Equipment material
For food packaging, the parts in contact with materials are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the non-woven tea bag packaging machine is no exception. The material bucket is made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets the needs of food hygiene and can also play a good role in rust prevention.
Only by doing a good job of the details can we do a good job of the equipment. Only by understanding these details of the non-woven tea bag packaging machine can we improve

Good choice of tea packaging equipment suitable for yourself.

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