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Nespresso Espresso Coffee Launches Nicaragua Campleda Refined Coffee Capsule Cup

Nespresso-Nicaragua Campulida refined coffee capsules bring endless possibilities for coffee lovers full of surprises. This new coffee capsule uses the same coffee variety as the existing Nicaragua coffee capsules in the "Masterpiece" series, but compared to the latter’s sweet grain flavor, the Nicaragua Camplida refined coffee has been fermented with yeast and added cherries. Sweet and soft fragrance of pomegranate.

The automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is the necessary machine to manufacture this product. Such as: SHANGHAI JOYGOAL FOOD MACHINERY- KFP-8 Automatic K-CUP coffee capsule filling and sealing machine In the working process of coffee capsule filling and sealing machine, it is essential to add the key step of aroma, its function is to add coffee The taste and fragrance can be added with various fragrances such as cherry and pomegranate to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. In addition to this function, the coffee and canning hoppers are filled with nitrogen, which can effectively improve the freshness of coffee. The main features of the machine are as follows:
1. The maximum production capacity can reach 14400 capsules/hour (1800*8 nozzles)
2. Filling accuracy: ±0.05g
3. Filling volume: 1-30 grams (can be adjusted)
4.Filling nozzle: 8


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