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Introduction to the most complete types of coffee in history

Many varieties of coffee served in coffee shops have various added flavorings, such as chocolate, wine, mint, cloves, lemon juice, cream, etc. People of different nationalities drink coffee in different tastes. Here are some common types of coffee:

Caffe Latte (Caffe Latte) is the most familiar Italian coffee item. It is a fancy coffee made with equal proportions and even more milk added to the thick and full-bodied Espresso. With the mild flavoring of milk, the originally bitter coffee becomes smooth, sweet, and rich. Even people who are not used to coffee can hardly match the flavour of latte. Like cappuccino, latte is suitable for drinking in the morning because it contains a lot of milk. Italians also like to warm their stomachs and use it with breakfast. In an Italian kitchen in the morning, coffee and milk are usually brewed at the same time on the sunny stove. Italians who drink latte, not so much like espresso, as they like milk, and only Espresso can bring unforgettable taste to ordinary milk. 【Italian Latte】You need a small cup of Espresso and a glass of milk (150-200ml). There is more milk in a latte but less coffee, which is very different from Cappuccino. Latte is extremely simple, that is, pour nearly boiling milk into the freshly made Italian espresso. In fact, there are no rules for how much milk you add, and you can mix it freely according to your personal taste. If you add some frothed cold milk to the hot milk, it becomes a cup of "American Latte". Starbucks’ American latte is made in this way. The bottom is espresso, the middle is milk heated to 65-75°C, and the last is a layer of cold milk foam that does not exceed half a centimeter. If you do not heat the milk, and decorate two tablespoons of milk foam directly on the Italian espresso, it will become the "Macchihato coffee" called Espresso Macchiato by the Italians.

Café Au Lait The French are the most enthusiastic supporters of Café Au Lait. You will see a round-belly Au Lait cup at the breakfast table in France, which is the source of their good mood throughout the day. Interestingly, comparing all the coffee cups, it is possible that the cup used by the French to hold Oulei coffee is the largest. The method of Oulei Coffee is also very simple, that is, pour a cup of espresso and a large cup of hot milk into a large cup at the same time, and finally put two spoons of frothed cream on the surface of the liquid. Oulei coffee can be regarded as European-style latte, which is not the same as American latte and Italian latte. The biggest feature of Oulei Coffee which is different from American Latte and Italian Latte is that it requires milk and espresso to be poured into the cup together. The milk and coffee meet at the first time, and what they collide is a relaxed and free mood. Many people don’t know the relationship between latte and Oulei. In fact, latte is an Italian-style milk coffee, which uses machine steam to steam the milk, while Oulei is a French coffee. They use fire to boil the milk. Hot, the taste is the same warm and lubricating beauty. Practice: Use utensils and materials. The amount of dark roasted coffee beans. The amount of milk (the ratio of coffee\fresh milk is 1:1) 1. Soak the cup with hot water (warm cup) ) To increase the temperature, and then pour out the excess water. 2. After grinding the deep-roasted coffee beans, pour the coffee powder into the stuffer, flatten the coffee powder with a pressing rod, and then press the filling Buckle the extraction port of the espresso machine to extract Espresso (the ratio of coffee to fresh milk is 1:1). 3. Take an appropriate amount of milk and place it under the steam nozzle of the espresso machine to steam it. Warm the milk. 4. Pour the steamed milk into the cup. 5. Shake the cup up and down to make the milk froth rise. 6. Finally, slowly pour the Espresso into the cup.

Vienna Coffee (Viennese) This is the most famous coffee in Austria. It was invented by a coachman named Ein Schuberner. Perhaps for this reason, today, people occasionally call Viennese coffee the "single-headed carriage." The rich whipped cream and the sweet flavor of chocolate fascinate people all over the world. On the snow-white whipped cream, the colorful rice is sprinkled in five colors, and the appearance is very beautiful. Sipping hot coffee with sweet chocolate syrup and ice-cold whipped cream is even more unique! Viennese coffee is the best companion for a lazy weekend or a leisurely afternoon. A cup of Viennese coffee is a great opportunity to relax. However, because it contains too much sugar and fat, Vienna coffee is not suitable for dieters.

Cappuccino (Gappuccino/Cappuccino Coffee) At the beginning of the 20th century, when the Italian Archipusia invented the steam pressure coffee machine, he also developed the cappuccino coffee. Cappuccino is an Italian coffee mixed with the same amount of espresso and steam foamed milk. At this time, the color of the coffee is like a cappuccino monk wearing a turban on his dark brown coat Likewise, coffee got its name. The traditional cappuccino is one-third espresso, one-third steam milk and one-third frothy milk. The rich taste of espresso coffee is accompanied by smooth milk foam, which is quite dewy; frothed milk sprinkled with cinnamon powder, mixed with the aroma of bottom-up Italian coffee, a new generation of coffee family For this, I was very excited. The production of cappuccino coffee On the basis of Italian espresso coffee, add a thick layer of frothed milk to become cappuccino. The quality of espresso coffee will not be obvious under the milk and foam, but it is still an important factor in determining the taste of cappuccino. Pour partially skimmed milk into a jug, then use a frother to froth and aerate the milk, and let the milk be as even as whipped cream without burning. The cappuccino coffee cup should be warm or the milk foam poured in will disperse. You can usually put these cups on the top of the coffee machine to keep warm. Pour milk and foam on top of the espresso coffee, and a layer is naturally formed, as if the coffee underneath is wrapped. Pay attention to pour the brewed Italian coffee about five minutes full, and pour the hot milk that has been frothed until eight minutes full. Finally, you can sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon powder or chocolate powder that is finely chopped according to personal preference. The remaining milk can also be poured in, so that a cup of delicious cappuccino is made.

Hawaiian Coffee (Konafancy)    belongs to the coffee cultivated by the volcanoes in western Hawaii. It is also the only coffee variety produced in the United States. It has a strong taste, strong aroma, strong acidity and special flavor. The quality is quite stable, and it is one of the must-buy local products for tourists visiting Hawaii.

White coffee The coffee currently on the market belongs to black coffee. Black coffee is made by roasting coffee beans and caramel on high-temperature charcoal. This workmanship makes the coffee made with a bitter, sour, caramelized and charred taste. In terms of health, it can hurt the stomach, get angry, and cause the precipitation of melanin and other disadvantages. White coffee is roasted coffee beans directly at low temperature without adding caramel. It removes the scorching, sour and astringent flavors of general high-temperature roasting and charcoal roasting, and retains the natural flavor and rich aroma of the original coffee. The fragrance is smooth and heart-warming. Does not hurt the intestines and stomach, does not get angry, is low in caffeine, has a smooth taste, and is sweet and fragrant.

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