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Instant coffee and the machine collide with "sparks"

Instant coffee and the machine collide with "sparks", sending the machine to start a new drinking experience

With the continuous upgrading of consumption and the growing popularity of coffee culture, coffee drinking has become a new fashion for young people born in the 1990s and Generation Z, and the domestic coffee industry is growing rapidly as a whole. At present, the coffee market presents a trend of personalized and diversified consumption. There are instant coffee, freshly ground coffee, capsule coffee, coffee concentrate, freeze-dried coffee and other coffee products. The coffee consumption scene is also constantly changing. With the "sparks" of instant coffee colliding with automated machines, coffee dispensers will continue to empower consumers to open new drinking experiences.

With the optimization and upgrading of the consumption and diet structure, coupled with the influence of Western food culture, people's dietary concepts have changed, and the domestic coffee market has developed rapidly. In addition, with the rapid development of e-commerce platforms and the blessing of capital, post-90s and generation Z consumers continue to rise, new retail coffee has become a force that cannot be ignored in the coffee market, further driving the rapid expansion of the coffee consumer market. The domestic coffee market has a bright future.

From the category point of view, at first instant coffee occupied the main domestic coffee market share, followed by freshly ground coffee, coffee concentrates (such as coffee liquid capsules, cold brew coffee liquid), filter coffee, freeze-dried coffee, etc. Unfamiliar words have also become familiar in recent years. This reflects the individualization and diversification of coffee consumption, and it also reflects the new growth of coffee driven by the iterative technology. The advantages of "easy brewing and soluble everything" greatly reduce the space and time constraints of drinking coffee. .

However, for the traditional instant coffee with the advantages of "convenience" and "parity", the consumption growth of the market has slowed down in the context of the emergence of residents' consumption upgrade trend. In response to this, traditional instant coffee processing companies have innovated to launch "premium instant" coffee, which has achieved differentiated competition in portable and boutique small packages, and has successfully entered the instant coffee track. In addition, it is actively expanding consumption scenes, expanding market share in the consumption scene of frothy coffee in hand, and opening up a new pattern in the coffee market.

It is understood that coffee brand shops have been operating for more than 20 years, and their products have been loved by consumers. It is said that because each cup has to be whipped 400 times, it is named "400 times coffee". However, this type of coffee has to be manually blown for 400 times. In the constant collision of instant coffee, hot water and sugar, the coffee liquid becomes dense milk foam, and then a cup of milk foam is dense, mellow, and has a delicate taste. The smooth hand beats the frothy coffee.

Compared with traditional instant coffee directly soaked, hand-made foamed coffee meets people's high requirements for dense, mellow, and delicate taste, and successfully unlocks the new drinking posture of instant coffee. This will also drive the growth of traditional instant coffee to varying degrees. Promote consumer demand for automatic coffee dispensing machines. Hand-made foam coffee usually has to be hand-made 400 times before the instant coffee liquid can be dispensed. Obviously, it is a time-consuming and laborious physical work, and the work intensity is high.

Stuffing is usually an important part in the production and processing of baked goods such as cakes, pastries, and biscuits. The quality of blending directly affects the flavor, delicate taste, color and other qualities of baked goods, and the same is true for blending instant coffee. The automatic coffee dispenser is equipped with a flow detection system and adopts advanced constant torque stepless speed regulation technology. The speed can be adjusted according to the needs of coffee dispensing. The volume of coffee brewing bubbles is large and uniform, ensuring that the coffee foam has a delicate taste and mellow silky.

Nowadays, standing on the new wave of consumption, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary instant coffee products, and demand for the flavor and taste of coffee is getting higher and higher. But a delicious, low-cost, instant coffee as the main raw material, through the automatic coffee machine, simple and convenient, the coffee produced may better meet the needs of the public, opening up a new flavor of traditional instant coffee drinking.

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