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leaving home 7 great ways to easily brew coffee at home

Recently, the weather has gradually become hot, and even if you are addicted to coffee, you really don’t want to go out, but a cup of coffee every day is already a daily routine for many people. What should you do if you don’t want to go out but want to drink a good cup of coffee?
It is not difficult to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee at home. Here we will talk about a few simple ways to be a coffee maker at home, so that you can easily enjoy the aroma of coffee at home.
1. Drip Bag Coffee
Hanging ear coffee is a way of brewing with hot water with filter paper loaded with ground coffee powder to extract a charming cup of coffee. Due to the independent packaging and the convenience of carrying, as long as you choose your preferred roasting degree and flavor, it is a very simple way to taste good coffee at home.

In addition to the roasting degree and flavor, the weight of each bag of filter coffee is actually the key point. The weight of the hanging ear bags on the market is about 8g-12g. Since the difference in the amount of coffee powder is not small, it has a great influence on the taste and flavor of brewing. In addition, whether to add nitrogen is another key point, which will directly affect the fresh-keeping ability of coffee powder~
2. Hand Drip Coffee

As the name suggests, hand-brewed coffee uses hot water to extract coffee through a filter cup. Unlike machine or siphon pot brewing, hand-brewed coffee requires simple utensils, and it is easy to express the level and flavor of coffee in different production areas! Due to the variety of methods and the emergence of many new filter cups and hand-brewing pots in recent years, it has also increased the fun of brewing coffee for many people. There are many forums on the Internet that discuss the knowledge and methods of hand-brewing coffee. Hand-brewing has a variety of techniques for baristas, so hand-brewing coffee is often a good way for each self-roasting specialty coffee industry to show their characteristics ~
3. The French Press
First of all, I would recommend you to learn about the French press, which is the easiest and most difficult way to brew coffee. Even a novice can easily make a cup of stable and delicious coffee.
When brewing, most of us will grind the coffee powder to be coarser, and the hot water will be soaked in the pot to complete the coffee extraction. After the time we set, the metal filter can filter most of the coffee. The coffee powder retains the most of the coffee's oil, resulting in a cup of coffee with a full and solid taste.

In fact, as long as the time (preferably timing) and temperature are properly controlled, the medium-ground coffee powder can get more flavor and layers on the French press. Very complete coffee flavor, but if you have special requirements for the taste of the coffee liquid, then a little fine powder from the French press may not be suitable for you~
4. Moka pot

A "moka pot" is a steam-brewed coffee pot that uses the steam pressure of boiling hot water to extract coffee liquid close to espresso. It is very suitable for adding water or milk. In addition, it can be heated directly with fire. With its small size, the convenience of operation or storage is quite good. Many camping enthusiasts regard the moka pot as the first choice for outdoor coffee. Most of the moka pots purchased are made of aluminum or stainless steel. If the aluminum one is not properly wiped, it will easily cause white water stains; while the stainless steel part is not easy to rust and easy to maintain, but the unit price is high~
5. American coffee machine
The American coffee machine only needs to put the ground coffee powder into the coffee tank with the filter paper, add the water tank to add the specified amount of water, and it can be brewed automatically after a button. Since the water of the machine is like a shower, the extraction of coffee powder is relatively average, and you can easily and stably brew delicious black coffee, but if you are a lover of milk coffee, then the American coffee machine may not satisfy you. need. This is because the coffee produced by the American coffee machine is usually lighter, and the dilution with milk will make the coffee tasteless.
6. Home espresso machine
A fully automatic espresso machine has many advantages for getting a good cup of coffee quickly and easily, plus if you like a latte, the Italian-style extraction method will allow you to retain a strong coffee concentrate and retain the flavor of the coffee after adding milk . Many models also include a grinding function, allowing you to easily enjoy freshly ground coffee. Having talked about many advantages, the disadvantage is probably that the price is relatively expensive, and the cleaning of the machine is really troublesome.

7. Capsule coffee machine
Capsule coffee is the most respected product by international coffee manufacturers in recent years. Because of its stylish machine design, simple operation, easy portability and many flavors, it has become popular all over the world in just a few years. According to the National Coffee Association, more than a quarter of households in the United States own a capsule coffee machine.

Capsule coffee usually has three or four layers of packaging to ensure that coffee is isolated from the air, and these packagings are often unfavorable for recycling, so they have been criticized by environmentalists for a long time. Fresh coffee is a more environmentally friendly, healthy and delicious choice.

After reading these brewing methods, I hope you can find the most suitable brewing method for you!

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