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Cooked food vacuum sealing machine | Cooked food automatic sealing production li

With the new changes in the technology of cooked food automatic sealing production line in the packaging process, the operation can be simplified and fast. This kind of packaging and sealing integration solves many processing processes. It is easy to operate, efficient, and energy saving. It not only meets the market demand well, but also beautifies the packaging of cooked food products to a large extent, and improves the exhibition of products. At present, the use of this vacuum sealing machine for cooked food has a wide range of applicability, which can realize multiple uses of one machine. The product specification can be changed by changing the molding mold.

vacuum sealing machine for food is suitable for various soft packaging materials. It is suitable for vacuuming, inflating and fitting various foods, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.

Features of cooked food automatic sealing production line:

1. sealing vacuum machine for cooked food has high configuration, low failure rate and can work for 10-24 hours continuously.

2. The infrared anti pinch function is safer for workers to operate.

3. The gear sealing positioner and sealing shall not be biased or displaced.

4. The full-automatic sealing production line for cooked food can detect all faults and give an alarm in the form of text.

5. In the whole packaging process, manual operation is no longer required except for filling materials. From packaging bag production to packaging, it can reduce material pollution.

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