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Facial mask cup packaging machine, aluminum foil sealing machine

This machine is an aluminum foil film sealing machine for plastic cups, which is suitable for sealing various small caliber containers. Use a hot punch to seal the film, so that the sealing appearance of the product is three-dimensional and beautiful. The sealing machine for cups is novel in design, the bottom mold can be replaced, small in size, low in energy consumption, high in efficiency, large in function and convenient in operation. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Facial mask cup sealing machine

The facial mask cup sealing machine is not only for facial mask cups, but also for tubes, reagent strips, makeup removers and other small caliber products. The temperature control range is 0-200, and the aluminum plus 304 stainless steel body is used for safety assurance and safe use.

cup aluminium foil sealing machine

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