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What are the operating procedures of the automatic vertical packaging machine?

The vertical packing machine is mainly used for packaging materials such as jujube, dried mango, dried fruit, dried pepper, etc. So do you know what the operation process of the automatic vertical packaging machine is when it is used?

The operation process of the vertical powder packing machine is as follows:

1. Smooth and maintain the vertical form fill seal packing machine in time, and repair it in time.

2. When the vertical granule packing machine is in use, it is forbidden for the body, hands and head of the staff to approach or touch the homework parts!

3. When the equipment is working normally, it is forbidden to switch the control button frequently, and it is forbidden to change the parameter setting value at will;

4. The staff try to check and investigate whether there is any abnormality near the vertical liquid packing machine before each startup.

When everyone operates the vertical vacuum packing machine , we can operate it according to the operation process of our vertical sugar packing machine . The correct operation and use of our vertical stick pack packing machine are all of us. needs.

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