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YT-1000B Automatic vertical packing machine for liquid

Filling 200-1000ml; 1100-1300 bags/hour; Photoelectric tracking

GT-BZ-300K-bagging machine vertical packing for granule grain

VP series combined type vertical packing machine for Hardware Nut Screw

high speed 1. It has a wide range of applications, such as fasteners, hardware parts, auto parts and other industries. 2. Humanized design, easy to change different product specifications. 3. Automatic weighing, high precision. 4. PLC control technology, precise positioning and stable operation. 5. The man-machine interface makes the communication ability faster and the diagnosis function more powerful.

GT-520L Automatic vertical sachet packing machine for semi-liquid

Filling 10-300ml; 30-60 bags/min

GT-500F Automatic vertical sachet packing machine for powder

Filling 50-500g; 30-60 bags/min

GT-450K Automatic vertical tea sachet packing machine

Filling 1-15g; 30-60 bags/min

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