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Monitoring program for oxygen barrier properties of coffee capsule packaging

Abstract: The coffee capsule product is highly concentrated coffee powder. In order to ensure the long-lasting aroma of coffee, the capsule body and aluminum foil cover film used should have a high barrier to external oxygen, water vapor and other gases to ensure that the aroma is not easy to lose. No agglomeration occurs. This article starts with the coffee capsule cup body which is difficult to monitor the barrier property, uses the OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system of the test container to detect the oxygen transmission rate of the coffee capsule cup body, verifies the oxygen barrier property of the cup body, and introduces The detection principle and method of oxygen transmission rate can solve the thorny problem that the barrier property of coffee capsules is not easy to monitor for related manufacturers.

  Keywords: coffee capsules, packaging containers, oxygen barrier properties, barrier properties, oxygen transmission rate (rate), oxygen transmission rate test system, isobaric method

1. Meaning

   Coffee capsules are similar to medicinal capsules, that is, coffee powder is placed in the capsule package, and the capsule is sealed with aluminum foil without oxygen. Because the capsule body is made of food-grade PP packaging material, the texture is relatively hard, and the prototype can be maintained at high temperatures, and the injection of high-pressure steam can be realized, so that the coffee can completely precipitate the espresso with coffee fat under the action of pressure. The aroma of coffee. The coffee capsule is covered with an independently designed aluminum foil material, and the polypropylene cup body makes the capsule as a whole have good aroma retention, oxygen barrier, and shading properties, which can effectively prevent the coffee powder from absorbing moisture and deteriorate, so that the coffee shelf life can reach 2 year. However, the thickness and quality of the PP cup body determines the barrier properties of the coffee capsule to external oxygen, water vapor, and internal coffee aroma (ie, oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, and aroma retention). Therefore, for the cup The monitoring of body-related barrier performance is extremely important for judging the quality of the coffee capsules used. In this paper, the OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system independently developed and produced by Labthink is used to detect the oxygen transmission rate of the cup container, that is, the barrier of the cup to external oxygen, which can provide a powerful technical reference for the related coffee manufacturing industry. .

Figure 1 Coffee capsule packaging

2. Reference standards

At present, there is no testing standard for the oxygen transmission rate of containers in China. This article is based on the American standard ASTM F1307-2002 (2007) "Standard Test Method for Measuring the Oxygen Transmission Rate of Solid Packages with Electricity Sensors". The main reference standard for detecting the oxygen transmission rate of the container.

3. Test sample

  The PP cup body used in a certain brand of coffee capsules.

4. Test equipment

For container samples with a small oxygen transmission rate, the principle of equal pressure method is usually used to test the oxygen transmission rate, that is, the equal pressure method specified in ASTM F1307, the Lanthink OX2/230 oxygen transmission test system used in this article It is the detection equipment of this principle.

Figure 2 OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system

4.1 Equipment Principle

The OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system adopts the principle of equal pressure method. The pre-processed sample is clamped between the test chambers. Oxygen or air flows on one side of the film, and high-purity nitrogen is on the other side of the film. Flow, oxygen molecules diffuse through the membrane into the high-purity nitrogen on the other side, and are carried to the sensor by the flowing nitrogen. By analyzing the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor, parameters such as oxygen transmission rate can be calculated. For packaging containers, high-purity nitrogen flows in the container, and air or high-purity oxygen surrounds the outside of the container.

4.2 Scope of application

Containers: suitable for the oxygen transmission rate test of bottles, bags, cans, boxes and barrels made of plastic, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass, metal and other materials, such as cola bottles, peanut oil drums, Tetra Pak packaging, Vacuum packaging bags, metal three cans of tablets, plastic cosmetic packaging, toothpaste tubes, jelly cups, yogurt cups, etc.

Film: Suitable for oxygen transmission rate test of various film materials such as plastic cover film, plastic composite film, paper-plastic composite film, co-extrusion film, aluminized film, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic composite film, etc.

Sheets: Suitable for oxygen transmission rate testing of various engineering plastics, rubber, building materials and other sheet materials, such as PP sheets, PVC sheets, PVDC sheets, etc.

It can meet the standards: ASTM F1307, ISO 15105-2, GB/T 19789, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1927, JIS K7126-2, YBB00082003 and many other national and international standards.

4.3 Equipment parameters

The test range of container samples is 0.0001 ~ 60 cm3/(pkg·d), and the resolution is 0.00001 cm3/(pkg·d); the test range of film samples is 0.01 ~ 6500 cm3/(m2·d), The resolution is 0.001 cm3/(m2·d).

It can test 3 same or different samples at the same time, and the system can support the parallel connection of up to 10 instruments to establish a system for simultaneous testing of 30 samples.

The test temperature control range is 15 ~ 55℃, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.1℃.

The test humidity control range is 0%RH, 35%RH~90%RH, and the humidity control accuracy is ±1%RH.

Wide-range, high-precision temperature and humidity control range, both sides of the sample can be humidified, realizing the test of the sample under different temperature and humidity conditions.

Professional pressure compensation technology ensures the high precision and repeatability of the test results.

It can be matched with the water vapor transmission rate test system to form a hybrid test system, which is uniformly controlled by a computer to achieve simultaneous testing of oxygen and water vapor transmission rates.

Support LystemTM laboratory data sharing system, unified management of test results and test reports.

5. Test process

(1) Use fast-curing glue to seal the edge of the capsule cup on the sealing device for the container sample. After the sealing is completed, clamp it into the instrument, and then use the sealed bag to seal the cup sample and the sealing device. Bandage.

(2) Open the instrument control software, set test parameters such as test temperature and test humidity, and click the test option to start the test.

(3) Adjust humidity and carrier gas flow.

(4) After the test, record the test results automatically calculated by the instrument.

6. Test results

   The oxygen transmission rate of the coffee capsule cup sample tested in this paper is 5.0347 cm3/(pkg·d).

7. Conclusion

The barrier property of the coffee capsule body is very important to preserve the coffee aroma, prevent oxidation and deliquescent agglomeration, especially the barrier property to external oxygen and water vapor, that is, the lower the oxygen transmission rate or water vapor transmission rate, the product shelf life The longer. The OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system has the advantages of high accuracy, good stability, and convenient operation in testing the oxygen barrier properties of the coffee capsule body. At the same time, it can also detect the barrier properties of the aluminum foil cover film of the cup body.

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