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ZLD-4A spout pouch filling and capping machine for yogurt

ZLD-4A spout pouch filling and capping machine for yogurt
Product Description

More optional features

  • Caps feeder to feed caps to ZLD-4A automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine
  • Whole machine made of stainless steel
  • Air clean system
  • Open dust cover door detector to keep production safe
  • CIP system fit for ZLD-4A
  • Conveyor belt to transport finished pouches
  • Printing machine to print date or lot numbers
  • Air compressor to supply compressed air for ZLD-4A running
  • Stainless steel pump to feed product to ZLD-4A automaic
  • More spare parts 
  • Nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen for ZLD-4A


  • Detailed user's manual
  • Detailed video of showing machine installation and operation
  • Detailed pictures of showing how to adjust machine's speed, how to adjust filling volume, how to adjust strength of vibrating, how to adjust strength of capping, how to maintance
  • After sale response time less than 6 hours
  • ......
  • Factory and manufacturer directly sales with competive price
  • More than 8 years experience of design, manufacturing
  • Touch screen in English and Chinese languages
  • Two emergency stop buttons to keep production safe
  • Detections: no pouch no filling, no cap stop, vibrator run automatic
  • Dust cover, ultraviolet sterilization lamp
  • Professional designers and workers to serve you
  • This machine with a strict inspection before out of storage
  • Food grade 304# stainless steel is used in our spout pouch filling capping machine

  • Pouch loading
  • Printing  -  printing machine required, optional feature
  • No pouch detection
  • Vacuum - optional feature
  • Filling  -  adopt with leak-proof nozzles
  • Nitrogen flushing - optional feature
  • Spout cleaning
  • Feeding and inserting cap
  • No cap detection
  • Capping
  • Discharging
  • Transport - conveyor belt required, optional feature


Model ZLD-4A
Filling heads rotary type
Capacity 4 heads
Filling volume 3600-4000capsules/hour
Error ±1%
Power 2KW
Air pressure  0.65m3/MIN
Weight 220/380V

  • Widely used for a variety of products, such as jelly, milk, butter, fruit juices, paste, chemical liquid, water and so on.
  • High reliability, convenient operation, wide applicability, high performance. 
  • Import control elements, SchneiderMitsubishiOrmonSiemens, making the system more stable and reliable.
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