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ZLD-2A Automatic stand up pouch filling and cap-screwing machine for 2000ml by thrice filling

2 send bag holder, 2*3 filling nozzles,filling 2 liters by three times filling

ZLD-2A doy pack stand-up pouch filling and capping machine with ribbon coding

Two filling nozzles, 2000 pouch/hour, ribbon coding

ZLD-4A Automatic doypack bag filling capping machine

4 filling nozzles, 4000 bags/hour

ZLD-4A Automatic doypack pouch filling capping machine for special caps

4 filling nozzles, 4000 pouches/hour, special caps

ZLD-2A Automatic stand up bag filling capping machine with flushing air

2000 bags/hour, flushing air function

ZLD-3A Automatic spout pouch bag filling and capping machine

Three filling heads, 3000 pouches/hour. Working process: Automatic pouch-loading--no pouch detection--filling--feeding and inserting cap--cap detection--capping by magnetic torque heads--discharging--transport(If connected with conveyor belts)

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