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KFJ-4 Automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine for Nespresso

7200 capsules/hour; rolling film; high filling precision; no cup no filling; no lid no sealing

Automatic PET plastic liquid water cup forming filling and sealing machine

This machine is suitable for various kinds of liquid, viscous liquid packaging, such as yogurt, milk, beverage, cheese, etc. Each process can be automated, Its output can be 3600 cup/hour to 12000 cup/hour. Equiped with servo Drive, PLC control system, etc, use overseas well-known brand, the operation is stable and efficient with high efficiency and quality low consumption and fault.

KFP-1 Automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing line

one high speed automatic coffee capsules filling sealing machine, and the other high speed automatic filling sealing machine for secondary sealing nespresso capsules product

Hand crank vertical semi-automatic paste filling machine

automatic rotary blister cup filling and sealing machine for honey

Semi automatic blank face mask ultrasonic earloop spot welding machine

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