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ZLD-6A Automatic spouted pouch filling capping machine

This machine is specially designed with elevator and conveyer, six filling heads, piston filling type, 6000 pouches/hour. Working process: Automatic pouch-loading--no pouch detection--filling--feeding and inserting cap--cap detection--capping by magnetic torque heads--discharging--transport

KFP-4 Automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine for Nespresso

Four filling heads,7200 capsules/hour,capsules reverse output to conveyor;No capsule not filling detector, no lid not sealing detector, Air cylinder retraction detector.

BHJ-12 Automatic water cup washing filling and sealing machine with date coder

12 filling nozzles, 12000 cups/hour, washing cup function, coding date, and connect conveyor

Automatic rotary bag packing machine with multi heads weigher

Automatic rotary bag packing machine with multi heads weigher, Z type elevator and stainless working platform

JOYGOAL Automatic labeling machine

YT-1000B Automatic vertical packing machine for liquid

Filling 200-1000ml; 1100-1300 bags/hour; Photoelectric tracking

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